Port to Metro/WinRT

Sep 28, 2012 at 11:56 PM

I really like the library, and I have a need for the library to be in Metro, with some additional capabilities, so I started work on it offline. I've got it running in WinRT now, although I am still having some issues with point translation in drag and drop in some places, but it looks like it's working okay.

I do have a question about how the shape is calculated for edge routing. It looks like this is being done in GetShapePort in the VertexExtensions.cs file. I'd like to route edges from a simple rectangle from and to center top, center right, center bottom and center left on the edges of the rectangle. Am I correct in my assumption that this is the method to do it in?

Also, I haven't dug into the layout algorithms right yet, and I'm wondering if you have any other layout algorithms available for the library? I see that there's a sugiyama class in there, but after fudging it up to replace the graphviz layout, it doesn't seem to work.  Do you have any insight into how I can get it to work, or do I simply misunderstand things?

It's really great work, and I'm learning quite a bit as I dig through the code base. It's far more approachable (to me) than Graph#/QuickGraph, so I do hope you don't abandon the project.