GraphLight on web page

Jul 29, 2011 at 12:47 PM


I would like to see if I can use GraphLight to render a Directed Graph on to a web page (using

I have never used silverlight before - but I wondered if GraphLight might provide a way to do this.

One possibility might be to use the GraphLight engine to create an image on the server-side, which is then displayed on the page, or to have the silverlight control embedded in the web page and display it that way.

When I downloaded the project there was some kind of issue about credentials to connect to a TFS server - but that aside the demos appear to work fine.

The version that I downloaded seems to have WPF examples - which I know is related to Silverlight, but not exactly the same thing - so is there a simple way of using this project to either just statically display, or provide interactive an interactive display for directed graphs in a  web browser ? If so - a simple example would be appreciated.



Aug 2, 2011 at 6:58 AM


GraphLight engine can be used to build almost any UI frontend. But in near future I don't plan to make any solution for (due to lack of time). First of all I want to stabilize engine API and write brief documentation.

In sources there are WPF and Silverlight examples. They share the same code except some specific files. One shot two rabbits :)

If you need solution without need to use Silverlight on your page you can write converter to Image, JavaScript canvas, SVG or any other format. This will be very useful for other developers and for the GraphLight future.

If you are interested in developing souch solution I can add you to developers group.